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      <page pageid="935" ns="0" title="Research Areas">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">'''Imaging and Image Processing'''
* Digital Image Acquisition
* Digital Image Processing
* Machine and Computer Vision 
* Vision Based Sensor Networks

* Computer Graphics
* Geometry and Topology
* [[Research Areas: Image-Based Modeling and Rendering | Image-Based Modeling and Rendering]]

* [[Research Areas: Information Visualization | Information Visualization]]
* Scientific Visualization
* Visual Analytics

'''Real-Time Computer Graphics'''
* Virtual Reality
* Augmented Reality
* Mixed Reality
* Visual Analytics

'''Interfaces and Devices'''
* Human Computer Interaction 
* Haptics
* Sonification
* [[Research Areas: Collaborative Digital Workspaces | Collaborative Digital Workspaces]]
* Cyber Infrastructure

'''Systems and System Architecture'''
* Multi-Projector Displays
* Large-Area Tiled Displays 
* Hardware and Software Systems

'''Distributed Computing''' 

'''Application Domains'''
* Biomedical Imaging
* Eartquake Engineering
* Earth System Science
* Emergency Management and Response</rev>
      <page pageid="1514" ns="0" title="Research Areas: Collaborative Digital Workspaces">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">We are pioneering the concept of &quot;Office of the Future&quot; and &quot;Classroom of the Future&quot; environments and have introduced a new foundation for the development of &quot;Living Laboratories,&quot; collaborative workspaces that draw from research in pervasive communications and computing, human computer interaction and interfaces, as well a scalable techniques for real-time visualization of massive data sets. Our NSF-funded VizClass environment and its VizION middleware as well as our HIPerSpace and HIPerWall projects are the anchor stones for this research.

== Related Projects ==
* [[Research Projects: VizClass    | VizClass]]
* [[Research Projects: HIPerVerse  | HIPerVerse]]
* [[Research Projects: HIPerSpace   | HIPerSpace]]
* [[Research Projects: HIPerWall   | HIPerWall]]</rev>