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The "HIPerWall Extreme Visualization Challenge" is aimed at stimulating the development of new algorithms, techniques and tools for information visualization, real-time rendering, video streaming and human computer interaction, leveraging massively tiled display systems. Any UCI undergraduate or graduate student team may participate. Interdisciplinary student teams are encouraged.


Project Requirements

  • all projects will have to be able to run on HIPerWall
  • the preferred development languages are C/C++
  • the prefered graphics API is OpenGL in combination with CGLX
  • all code will have to be OpenSource
  • detailed source code documentation with Doxygen

Important Dates


  • 1st Place Team: TBA
  • 2nd Place Team: TBA
  • 3rd Place Team: TBA

Intent to Enter Form

  • Project title
  • Name of project team
  • Names of team members and contact information (emails)
  • One page description of the proposed project
    • Your motivation and why you think this is important
    • What you will be working on
    • Some technical detail on how it could be done
    • References to related work

Project Description

Project description must include the following (lengths are approximate):

Project abstract: (100 words)

  • think of it as an abstract to a conference paper
  • concisely present the key components of the problem you are going to work on
  • sell your work to review comittee in a consistent form

Project definition: (1 page)

  • this is the problem I am going to look at
  • this is why it is a problem
  • this is why it is worth solving
  • this is how I am going to solve it (be as detailed as possible)

Related work: (1/2 page)

  • briefly describe the work that has already been done in this field by others
  • include proper references to relevant papers (five references minimum)
  • describe how you are going to extend this work or which new approach you are going to take (i.e. what is different about what you're doing versus what those 4+ references did)

Project Specifications: (2 pages)

  • explain which data structures you will use and why.
  • explain the performance characteristics of required components.
  • explain which tools you need and how they will work (in detail)
  • outline the required user interface components (in detail)
  • support your suggestions with sketches/drawings/images/flowcharts (at least two)

Milestones: (1 page)

  • break the project duration into the available weeks and indicate how you will progress towards completing your objective, i.e. show what you will get done each week.
  • break the components required to achieving this goal into sub-components that can be worked on independently. Avoid a purely sequential workflow.
  • prepare a (Gantt chart) showing how you budget your time (show which components can be worked on in parallel)
  • list/show potential roadblocks and approaches for dealing with them.

Results: (1/2 page)

  • how will you test your system / how will you show that it works ?
  • what will the final system look like?


  • include references to at least five relevant papers discussing work related to your proposal.

Project Specification

Final Project Documents

  • binaries
  • source code
  • source code documentation in html and pdf (generated with Doxygen)
  • user manual

Project Presentations

  • oral presentation and live demo
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