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HIPerDesk 3D
The HIPerDesk 3D allows for the immersive examination of detailed datasets with a low-footprint desktop solution. Built from commodity hardware, the HIPerDesk 3D ()

File:UCSD Calit2 GRAVITY hiperdesk3D
Highest Resolution Seamless Passive Stereo Display

CT Scanner

File:UCSD Calit2 GRAVITY ctscanner
Large Scale Industrial CT Scanner

VLSI ChipViewer
VLSI ChipViewer leverages CGLX technology to allow real time examination of complex VLSI design layouts without the need for third party software. VLSI ChipViewer is posed as a collaborative workspace tool, allowing ease of floor planning and other arduous VLSI design tasks in a collaborative workspace to augment designs created with industry VLSI CAD tools. Capable of displaying process-specific gate layouts, as well as overlay data from power and timing DRC tools. ()

File:UCSD Calit2 GRAVITY chipviewer
CGLX based Viewer for standard LEF/DEF Chip Fabrication Designs

VideoBlaster allows for the real-time playback of compressed or uncompressed video from disk or network sources on CGLX based systems. Based on open source standard decoder FFMPEG, VideoBlaster maintains perfect frame synchronization of video playback up to Cinema Stanard 4k Resolutions. VideoBlaster is unique among players in that no post-decompression data is passed over the network - decompression functions occur synchronously on render nodes, removing network bottlenecks from the playback process. ()

File:UCSD Calit2 GRAVITY videoblaster
Distributed High-Definition Video Playback Engine for CGLX Powered Visualization Clusters

Parallel Tomorgraphy


X-Ray Simulator



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