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Recent News and Media Coverage

  • 09/16/2008 Larry Smarr blogs about HIPerVerse on Calit2Life
  • 09/15/2008 HIPerVerse breaks 1/2 gigapixel barrier during CalREN-XD/High Performance Research Workshop
  • 08/14/2008 CGLX now downloaded over 4,000 times and driving nearly all major multi-tile systems.
  • 08/25/2008 Our group takes center stage at NVISION 2008 with the OptIPortable (HIPerSpace Nano) placed in the atrium of the San Jose Convention Center.
  • 06/26/2008 The Cross-Platform Cluster Graphics Library, (CGLX v1.2.1) is now available packaged for Mac-OSX
  • 06/25/2008 NASA launches hyperwall-2 for second place in ulta-high res tiled displays. HIPerSpace remains in first place and HIPerWall is now third.
  • 06/16/2008 286 mega pixel edition of HIPerSpace unveiled during meeting with National Geographic Society at UCSD
  • 06/12/2008 HIPerSpace fully operational at 286,720,000 pixel resolution
  • 06/03/2008 Latest Spitzer Space Telescope data screaming on HIPerSpace in full beauty, using new algorithms for giga pixel visualization
  • 06/01/2008 The Cross-Platform Cluster Graphics Library, (CGLX v1.2.1) is now available as a roll for ROCKS (HIPerRoll)
  • 04/10/2008 BlueMarble as you have never seen it before. 44 giga pixel image deck fully interactive on HIPerSpace.
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