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* SmartPen
* SmartPen
* [[Research Projects: Multi-Touch Interface | Multi-Touch Interface]]
* [[Research Projects: Multi-Touch Interface | Multi-Touch Interface]]
'''Middleware Research'''
'''Middleware Research'''

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Display Systems and Digital Workspace (Cyberinfrastructure) Research

User Interface Research

Middleware Research

Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

Visualization Techniques

  • Expanding Engineering Thinking: Interactive Visualization Of Numerical Models
  • Forensic Seismic Damage Modeling Using Virtual Reality
  • EPSS-GE: Unconventional Scientific Visualization of Earth System Science Data

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Multi-Modal Interfaces

Biomedical Imaging and Visualization

  • Transdisciplinary Imaging Genetics

Assessment of Digital Workspaces

  • iCARE - Interactive Confidence Assessment and Response Evaluation

Structural Engineering Research

  • Performance Characterization Of Bench And Shelf-Mounted Equipment And Contents
  • Seismic Performance Of Shallow Foundations
  • Retrofit Solutions For Blast Protection
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