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HIPerScene provides a distibuted scene graph that allows data to be located anywhere on the grid and streamed between visualization nodes. Particular focus is on real-time data distribution on large-area display walls such as HIPerSpace and HIPerWall. (Read More)


The rise of ubiquitous computing environments creates the need for middleware systems that facilitate spontaneous, reliable, and efficient communication between many different devices of varying complexity. By their nature, these environments have to manage components and elements entering and leaving the system unpredictably. As appliances grow in number and complexity, the middleware needs to adapt and remain responsive even in adverse situations. VizION is a middleware framework, specifically designed for ubiquitous collaborative educational spaces. VizION aims to address the challenges encountered in these environments, through a distributed approach, a network of nodes with little need for a centralized entity. Its decentralized approach helps avoid performance bottlenecks and potential points of failure that would paralyze the entire environment. VizION presents a simple, unified platform to the application developer, hiding many of the complexities of distributed environments, and thus allowing ease of system extension. The test-bed application of VizION is the VizClass project at the University of California, Irvine, an interactive classroom specifically geared towards digitally enhanced engineering education. (Read More)

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