Where is the Documentation?

Upon successful installation, all the documentation is available from csconfig's menu. Launch csconfig, go to menu bar, and click on help - content... to see all the documentation.

Getting Started

  1. Select the program you want to start in csconfig (The program needs to be compiled against cglX). If you start a program without giving a path cglX will try to start the program in the cglX installation directory ("where you have installed cglX default is'/usr/local/cglX/"). This is also the reason why you can start all example applications just by typing in the program name and parameters.
  2. First start the daemons on each rendering node in the grid. (csdaemon) on a rocks system you can type 'csdstart'.
  3. Start the configuration tool on the head node. (csconfig)
  4. Open a cluster configuration file or add servers to your current setting.
  5. Send the configuration to the servers.
  6. Select a program you want to start.
  7. Start program.
  8. Here are some programms with the correct parameters that are already compiled for CGLX and are available as demos.
    1. "simple"
    2. "myglxgear"
    3. "myatlantis"
    4. "myideas"
    5. "bunny"
    6. "myroller" you can start different coasters by specifying a parameter (myroller -t wildemaus.trk)
    7. "soar ps_texture_1k.png height.geo"
  9. If you want to run the demos in stereo mode just add "-s" to the parameter list. !Not all demos support stereo at this time.

Frequently Asked Qestions

Do I need to have a ROCKS cluster to run CGLX ?

No, CGLX does not depend on a ROCKS cluster distribution. You can install CGLX with RPM packages for a Linux OS or under Mac with PKG’s.

Do I need to have the vizroll installed before I install CGLX (hiperroll) on a ROCKS cluser?

Yes, CGLX needs a running X-Server, which will be installed with the vizroll

Which operating systems are supported ?

Right now CGLX will run under Linux and Mac OSX.

Can I combine Linux and Mac workstations to form one visualization grid?

YES, CGLX supports inhomogeneous visualization grids. The network layer will translate events in the appropriate form for each OS.

How much resources will CGLX allocate to run ?

The framework is event based. In other words, the CPU or GPU resources will be used by CGLX only when users interact with the systems.

Is CGLX thread safe ?

YES. Please also read the documentation on how to optimize the utilization of your system resources when multiple displays per rendering node are used.

Do I need to recompile my OpenGL application against CGLX ?

YES. CGLX needs to intercept a few OpenGL calls to provide a distributed OpenGL context on your visualization system.

Help from the CGLX community

We also maintain a CGLX mailing list, feel free to sign up and stay connected. Developers and users will answer questions and help you to setup your system. You will get notifications about new releases and new features. Sign Up