sample imgCGLX is a flexible, transparent, and extensible system and framework for scalable, distributed, high-performance visualization environments and the ultimate visual experience. The term CGLX is rooted in its origin as a "Cross-Platform Cluster Graphics Library", intended to streamline the development of large-scale, collaborative, multi-tile visualization systems. CGLX has since grown into a broadly adopted framework, consisting of multiple components, including the

The CGLX Core Engine API provides access to the base functionality needed to create and manage a distributed display context for OpenGL-based applications and eases the development of high-performance applications. CGLX Tools provides configuration and cluster management resources, easing the operation of distributed visualization environments as well as execution and control of applications. CGLX Apps is a growing collection of productivity and sample applications addressing the day-to-day visualization needs of the majority of its users, including the interactive display of massive image collections, high-resolution video streaming, and 3D rendering. Finally, the CGLX Knowledge Base provides and exhaustive reference for CGLX-based development using its Core Engine API, Tools and Apps in multi-tile visualization environments.

For optimal performance CGLX launches and manages instances of an application on all rendering nodes through a light-weight thread-based network communication layer. The CGLX Core Engine API presents a GLUT-like (Open GL Utility Toolkit) interface to the user, which allows this framework to intercept and interpret OpenGL calls and to provide a distributed large scale OpenGL context on tiled displays. The CGLX Core Engine API provides distributed parallelized rendering of OpenGL applications with access to all OpenGL extensions that are supported through the graphics hardware. sample img

CGLX currently supports the following operating systems:

The CGLX framework is freely available for academic and non-commercial use.