Module / Project List

CGLX Core Engine

sample img The CGLX framework is the underlying middleware that allows users to run their OpenGL applications on a tiled-display system such as HiPerSpace. The framework allows users to configure and control their visualization system with an easy-to-use GUI-based configuration tool.


sample img The MediaViewer allows users to display multiple high-res images side by side as well as video streams from other workstations on the network.


sample imgTiffViewer is an image viewer designed to display high resolution tiff images in full resolution across a tiled display system. Smart image loading techniques allow this viewer to render any image resolution even on systems with low-end graphics cards on which less texture memory is available.


sample imgThe VideoBlaster is a program which allows synchronized playback of different video formats on a tiled wall system.

CISA3 Multilayer Image Viewer

sample imgA high resolution image viewer which allows the combination of images acquired by different image scanning techniques to investigate the history of making and to assess the condition of a masterpiece.


sample imgThe OBJViewer is a program to render .obj files on a tiled wall system. Future versions of this module will enable users to load other 3D file formats.


OpenSceneGraph viewer showing the model of new Engineering 4 building at UCSD.